Ari Morcos

About Me

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I am currently a research scientist at DeepMind in London, working on neuroscience-inspired approaches to AI.

I recently completed my PhD in the lab of Chris Harvey at Harvard Medical School. Prior to coming to Harvard, I attended UCSD where I worked with Fred Gage on the role of REST in adult neurogenesis. I am fascinated by complexity in all things, which is why I'm studying the most complex machine I've been able to find: the mammalian brain.

For my thesis work, I worked on methods to understand how neuronal circuits perform the computations necessary for complex behavior. In particular, my research focused on how parietal cortex contributes to evidence accumulation for decision-making. I am also interested in using novel analysis techniques from machine learning to help us to better understand neuronal circuits and vice-versa. I am especially excited by thinking about how insights from real neuronal circuits can help us to improve artificial neural networks and to build towards AGI.


I started this website/blog to pursue analysis of data sets that don't involve neurons. I have not been particularly good at updating it.

When I'm not working, I like to go on adventures throughout Boston London with my awesome dog, Dash. I'm also a history buff and love reading random books about the two World Wars and the Cold War.